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Welcome to the Benefits Center

Located in a state-of-the-art environment, the U.S. Enrollment Services Benefits Center can support over one hundred Benefit professionals.  


Based in Harrisburg, PA, and servicing all time zones, this facility utilizes some of the most modern technology to monitor and support client communications.

Leveraging robust call technology and interpersonal feedback, every aspect of the client experience is monitored, recorded and tracked.  Ongoing client quality measures and telephonic surveys assure that every client receives timely, accurate and professional service.

This secure facility has provided best-in-class employee benefits enrollment services through its seasoned team of Benefits Associates for over 15 years.

Fast facts about the extensive services and features of the

U.S. Enrollment Services Benefits Center

Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer satisfaction is job #1!
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys ensure that the Benefits Associates are providing world-class service to our customers.
  • Every call receives an after-call customer satisfaction survey.
  • Results of the surveys are used to improve service and the customer experience. 


  • The Benefits Center supports 100 Benefits Associates onsite.
  • All Associate teams have dedicated supervisors who are integrated on the Benefits Center floor to provide immediate escalated support.
  • We provide telephonic capability to handle both small and large clients.


Quality Control

  • All calls are recorded and maintained for 7 years.
  • Calls are monitored randomly to ensure professionalism, thorough delivery of information, and courtesy.
  • Benefits Associates are provided immediate feedback on all calls evaluated during the quality review process.
  • Team supervisors review all evaluated calls during periodic coaching sessions and provide feedback to improve the client experience.

Telephonic Capabilities

  • We provide a dedicated toll-free number.
  • We can port a client’s existing toll-free number into our system.
  • Our clients have the ability to forward calls from their existing telephone system to our U.S. Enrollment Services system.




  • Our process constantly monitors Key Performance Indicators to ensure quality.
  • Metrics are produced in real-time to evaluate responsiveness.
  • Detailed reports are utilized to coach the Benefits Associates to continuously improve service. 
  • Client-specific reporting provided.  

Products Supported

  • Core or Employer Paid Benefits – Medical, Life, Disability, Dental, Vision, etc.
  • Worksite or Employee Paid Benefits – Accident, Critical Illness, Supplemental Life Insurance, etc.
  • Tax-favored Benefits – FSA, HSA, HRA
  • Retirement Plans – 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), FICA Alternative Plans, Special Pay Plans