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Benefits Technology

As employee benefit programs become more complex, so does the technology required to support them. You need a partner that you can depend on to provide the right technology to make the process as efficient as possible.

U.S. Enrollment Services brings over twenty years’ experience in managing Benefits Enrollment systems for clients large and small.  We have developed some of the most sophisticated technologies available in the industry, to help our clients solve their most complex challenges.

Our Employee Benefits systems are built around your individual company’s needs. Our solutions are fully configurable and easily customized.

Intuitive.  Efficient.

Employee Benefits Technology

Learn about our Enrollment Technology Services

We start by asking what you need to run your program and stay informed

  • What do you need to know and who else needs to know it?
  • What do you need to do with the information collected?
  • Which system is best suited to meet your objectives – yours, another supplier’s, or ours?
  • Is data current, complete, and meeting your reporting needs?
  • Does your data require data cleansing or normalization?
  • How can we ensure those that ‘need to know’ have what they need to do their jobs?

Next, we look at what your vendors and carriers need to know

  • What information channels do we need to create?
  • How will we integrate and synchronize with the vendor systems?
  • What are the reporting requirements for the vendors and carriers?