At U.S. Enrollment Services, we believe effective communication of the benefits is as important as the benefits themselves.

We strive to provide each employee with a thorough understanding of the benefits offered to them, because when they fully understand the range of plan benefits and options offered, they not only appreciate them better, but value their employer better as well.

The bottom line?

Investing in effective benefit communication is as important as investing in the benefits plans themselves.

Personal attention in an increasingly impersonal world

As costs of healthcare plans rise, the emphasis tends to move towards cutting costs and simplifying the enrollment process.  Many look to self-service options as their enrollment method of choice.  While useful for capturing benefit elections and transmitting data files, these methods may not be as effective in explaining the complexities of today’s benefit programs.  U.S. Enrollment Services can combine the technology underlying a self-service model and enhance it with a team of on-site or Call Center based counselors to personalize the experience.

U.S. Enrollment Services has the ability to communicate these complicated benefit options one-on-one with employees via on-site enrollment appointments, or over the phone with one of our non-commissioned benefit counselors.  We utilize a core staff of well-trained, experienced professionals whose main focus is building value and a better understanding of ALL the benefits offered to an employee.

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