Voluntary/Worksite Benefits

As healthcare costs continue to rise, the affordability gap for core employer-paid benefits widens.  As a result, employers are searching for new ways to help all employees get the benefits coverage they want and need. 

Voluntary/Worksite Benefits have become an important solution to rising healthcare costs.  They can help fill the gaps in core benefits while providing important coverage options to the employee—often at no additional cost to the employer.

There are two challenges for employers that offer voluntary/worksite employee benefits.  The first challenge is learning which voluntary benefit plans are most cost-effective and beneficial for the employees.  The second challenge is how to properly communicate the benefit options to the employees.

Choosing the right voluntary/worksite benefits options

U.S. Enrollment Services offers a wide range of products that provide the best value from various providers that lead the industry.  We are independent; we’re not tied to any one provider.  As a result, we can help you choose the benefits that will best complement your core benefits program.

Voluntary benefits such as Universal Life, Whole Life, Critical Illness, Accident, Disability, and Legal Insurance are top choices.  When the Voluntary Benefits choices are in place, we work with you to effectively communicate their features and benefits to your employees.

Communicating benefits options to employees

Adding voluntary benefits to fill coverage gaps means that employees will have more responsibility for making their healthcare decisions.  This makes helping employees with their decisions even more important.

When the benefit options offered are communicated effectively, employees feel more positive about their employer and have greater loyalty toward them.  Improved communication and tailored messaging is critical to improving employees’ perceptions and plan participation.  We are experts at helping employees understand new plans and explain why more costs are being shifted to the employee.

Voluntary/Worksite Benefits offer advantages for you and your employees

  • Flexibility:  You have choices in delivery and participation models.
  • Cost efficiency:  You can get individual products with advantages typically associated with group plans at better rates and with better underwriting.
  • Convenience:  Voluntary benefits are seamlessly integrated with core benefits systems and premiums that are administered through payroll deduction.
  • Portability:  Employees often own their benefits, even if they leave the company or retire.
  • No pressure:  Our Client Relationship Managers are non-commissioned, so benefits recommendations are based on what is best for the employee.

Voluntary/Worksite Benefits help retain employee satisfaction

Employees who receive healthcare benefits from their employer are more satisfied with their jobs and more committed to their employer.  In addition, employers who provide quality benefits coverage are better able to attract and retain quality employees.  Offering a program of voluntary benefits can help keep healthcare coverage affordable for employers while providing employees with the security they need.

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